Based in Munich, Germany.

Powered by certified Microsoft/Amazon AI app developers and Gen-Z designers.

5+ years of experience.

Rooted in Experience

At Mazed, we're driven by a team of certified Microsoft Azure AI Applications developers, each boasting over 5 years of expertise. Azure is the exclusive platform supporting OpenAI's GPT at the enterprise level, providing us with a robust foundation.

Technology and ROI - A Balanced Focus

In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, we find ourselves navigating a complex maze of SaaS companies using these technologies. While leveraging the latest tech is crucial, understanding the importance of ROI is equally essential. That's why we offer custom, modular systems tailored to each client's needs — ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Own Your AI!

Unlike many AI agencies that retain ownership of all deliverables, we at Mazed believe in empowering our clients. Post-deployment, you have the option to manage the systems independently, though we're always here to assist. You retain complete ownership of the deliverables, giving you the freedom to part ways with us if needed. Rest assured, we'll ensure you or your technical team are well-equipped to handle the operations.

Meet the faces behind the scenes.

Fabian Roth
Full-stack Developer
Emilia Becker
UX/UI Designer
Junjie Li
ML Engineer